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Sales training. Product training. Canned presentations. White Papers. Demos. Your sales force has the tools. The question is "How do they use them?"

Research estimates that 80 percent of sales training fails after 120 days because sales training is not reinforced. The team may even remember, "We had that great training," but they don't remember what they covered well-enough to put it to use over the long haul.

The traditional way for the sales manager to evaluate how a sales person interacts with a prospect is to go on a sales call together. A time honored method, in today's world with shrinking travel budgets and a larger sales person to manager ratio, it has become increasingly difficult for managers to know exactly how knowledgeable their sales force is and to spend an adequate amount of time in the field ensuring their delivery and solution selling is on point.

What's a Sales Manager to do?

Find Out What's Really Going On

What do sales people say when their on the phone or sitting across the desk from a prospect? How well do they represent the company? What do they really know about our products and services? When we lose a deal, did the sales person understand the competition? Do they understand our messaging? Do they use the sales materials and tools properly? Did they position our company properly?

If you ever asked yourself any of these questions and been frustrated because there was no easy way to get the answers, Sales Mentor can help.

Sales Mentor uses interactive video and the web to simulate customer situations to test and remediate your sales force, giving you the answers to all the questions you've been asking yourself.

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